Stories Under My Skin – with Kate

Kate – 31 – work in a Barber Shop

From this compulsive desire to be inked to the well-considered project, each mark of ink on someone’s skin tells a story.
From Prague with love, Kate shows us her amazing tattoos.



Born in a small city in Czech Republic, Kate moved to Prague for 6 years to study university. « My student life was crazy and wild but luckily I pasted all exams and gained master degree in Hospitality management », said Kate.

One day Kate decided to move for Paris. She wanted see a bit of the world. She actually saw more than expected. « I was asleep… and I missed the stop! I woke up in London », Kate said laughing.

About London, Kate mix-feelings. « I love and hate this city. It’s beautiful but so expensive as well… ». She even recently moved back to Prague… but after one month she was already back in the City.


« My first tattoo was an “amazing” dragon designed by me… so of course I did a cover up and now I have a full back piece », tells us Kate.

Really attracted by the beauty of this art, Kate inked her skin by love of this art. And can travel to be inked by her favorite tattoist. « I recently went to Prague to start my left arm with this amazine Czech tattoo artist.

You can follow Kate on her Instagram account
Exclusives pictures for SKINKED. Photography by Antonio EUGENIO

Stories Under My Skin


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