Ride quality is where the disparity startswholesale golf to grow, however. The Allez is smooth and serene on well maintained pavement but definitely not as forgiving on rough chip sealed roads or frost heave where carbon or titanium or high quality steel, for that matter offers better vibration damping. Bigger impacts crash through pretty hard, too, but all in all it’s still quite reasonable and among the best aluminum rides we’ve experienced in some time.

Since aluminum’s material properties can’t be cheap golf clubsdirectionally tuned as can fibre composites, Specialized instead turns to more conventional tube shaping for the Allez and there’s a close visual resemblance to the Tarmac range.

The top tube is slightly bowed and Ping G25 Driverflattened to lend a little more vertical flex up front, the big down tube is nominally round from end to end for good lateral and http://www.patc.co.uk/ torsional rigidity, the seat tube morphs from round up top to a stiffer rectangular profile down by the threaded bottom bracket, and the head tube sports a 1 1/8″ to 1 1/2″ taper for better handling and increased weld surface area.